Deep Sensation, the way of the awakened woman
Preliminaries on a tantric lifestyle
3 workshops, every Wednesday 20:00 – 21:30 pm EET (Athens, Greece timezone)
08/11/23 – 22/11/23

Have you felt there is more to life… more happiness, more pleasure, more joy, more love, more compassion, more juiciness! There is! And it is right here within you. Within your very own body, heart and mind!

Locked inside of us is the infinite potential to fully live this life on earth and to assist in creating a new world based on the principles of LOVE and UNITY.

You live as deeply and as fully as you feel. But very often, due to painful or simply unconscious experiences that happened to us or to people we cared about, emotions arose that we didn’t fully feel, and these got stuck somewhere in our body/mind resulting in some sort of lack. Lack of love, energy or flow.

But this can be changed. You can decide to move this unresolved energy by creating new currents of life force and by uncreating the old ones. You can become the modern alchemist, dancing between the visible and invisible worlds, the awakened woman, that brings a new era on planet earth, together with others, just like her…!

Deep Sensation, the way of the awakened woman
Preliminaries on a tantric lifestyle
3 workshops

This series of 3 workshops is a preliminary to the taoist and tantric arts and is for you if:

  • You want to embody more of who you really and truly are!

  • You want to start diving deeper into the infinite possibilities of your potential.

  • You are ready to explore the potency of your own body and mind.

  • You are tired of the old ways of being and the old recurring patterns.

  • You are ready to shift your consciousness.

  • You want to feel freedom, passion and inspiration.

  • You want to start tapping into or going even deeper into your purpose in life.

07/10/23: Emotional Alchemy

We are going to move emotional energy from many different parts of our body/mind, clear space and create the conditions for new loving creative energy to start flowing. We will also focus on our womb and the ovaries, as these are powerful storehouses of emotional energy and creative potential.

14/10/23: Deep Sensation

We are going to explore deeper layers of sensation and bring our consciousness inside our body, into an inner healing journey of discovery and exploration. There we will find either pain or pleasure, and I invite you to explore the proximity of these two and to start expanding instead of contracting. It will be guided.

21/10/23: Sexual Alchemy

After moving through emotions and sensations, we will start exploring the potency of sexual energy for consciousness expansion and transformation. This is the most powerful energy and we will start activating and sublimating it after we have brought some flow in our system by opening up our energy channels. Sublime.

Beloved sister, I welcome you to our group of women who are invested in their awakening and in their full blossoming and invite you to become part of the change by joining us or others like us, in this time of awesome change and miracles.

May you be blessed, always




Marianna Chili

It is almost 15 years ago since I embarked on the spiritual path through the Buddhist meditation of vipassana, which was the starting point of an adventurous journey that continues to change and grow stronger as time goes by. After this beginning, my path has been continuous and multifaceted. I learned yoga (ashtanga, hatha, kundalini, etc.), I practiced energy work, trained in theta healing, kundalini yoga, and finally in taoism and tantra. I have studied with many teachers and in different traditions but what I find to be of most importance is the gradual awakening of our inner knowledge and wisdom. This deeper knowledge of the Self, that is impossible to be taught by any teacher other than Spirit, is what I wish to share through workshops, events and sessions with people.

Finally, I would like to add that part of my path is writing, mainly poetry but also other genres, which is a source of inspiration for my connection with the sacredness of life, that I also wish to share with others through books, quotes or simply by being.

Introductory seminar for the course “Opening to Femininity”

What they say about us…

Elzette Le Roux
Elzette Le Roux
Marianna’s compassion and grace holds beautiful space for me to see and re-member the unseen and forgotten parts of me. With her empathy superpower she helps me with words (and images) for what I feel and/or my body stored and helps me to bring shadow parts into the light. Thank you sister for sharing your gifts with me and journeying with me in healing, recognizing my wholeness to thrive in my genius!
Βρήκα τη Μαριάννα τυχαία στο instagram! Διαισθητικά την εμπιστεύτηκα και μπήκα σε έναν κύκλο γυναικών. Παρ' όλο που γίνεται διαδικτυακά η ενέργεια είναι τόσο δυνατή που δεν μπορεί παρά να σε κατακλείσει. Με βοηθάει στο ταξίδι θεραπείες που έχω ξεκινήσει εδώ και μήνες. Ήμουν έτοιμη να το ζήσω όλο αυτό και το απολαμβάνω. Ηρεμία, απελευθέρωση, δύναμη είναι μόνο λίγα από αυτά που βίωσα! Να είσαι καλά Μαριάννα! Ανυπομονώ και για τη συνέχεια!
georgia georgia
georgia georgia
Την Μαριάννα την ξεχώρισα γιατί είναι απλή φιλική αληθινή! Ότι σεμινάριο έχω κάνει μαζί της είναι απολαυστικό λυτρωτικό και θεραπευτικό!!
Konstantina Anagnostopoulou
Konstantina Anagnostopoulou
Μία υπέροχη κοινότητα αγάπης, αποδοχής και ενδυνάμωσης η Inspirited! Κάθε φορά που συμμετέχω στις δράσεις της κοινότητας βιώνω γαλήνη, και ξυπνάει μέσα μου η θηλυκή αρχή που είναι σαν ένα πέπλο μητρικό για μένα. Ένα πέπλο αγάπης κι ευγνωμοσύνης. Σας προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα να το δοκιμάσετε! :)
Demetra Yerolemou
Demetra Yerolemou
Έχω παρακολουθήσει διάφορα μαθήματα με την Μαριάννα. Έχω μείνει ενθουσιασμένη με κάθε ένα από αυτά, αλλά, κυρίως, με την ίδια που είναι πραγματικά χαρισματική. Έλαβα γνώση, εργαλεία και πρακτικές στις οποίες συχνά επιστρέφω. Θεωρώ πως δεν ήρθε τυχαία στον δρόμο μου και νιώθω ευγνώμων γι' αυτό! 🙏🙂



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