Inspirited is inspired by you!

You, who responds to the call for change and transformation.

Here you will get the chance to find out what it means to discover your own path.

In Inspirited you will find online and live events that through experiential workshops show you a variety of different techniques and practices that teach you how to use tools and ways that lead to the awakening of human potential, through the dissociation from limiting beliefs.

Ten years ago, being in touch with these kinds of practices (initially through Vipassana meditation) supported me while going through exquisite difficulties and coming out of them intact but changed.

Steadily and with small steps, I used healing tools and methods of raising consciousness to find a new balance in life that through the passing of time continues to be constantly renewed and refined.

My purpose is to share the gift of different healing modalities and methods of consciousness by connecting humans and building bridges that will bring together the right people so that more and more of us will benefit and improve our lives from within.
In my opinion, we are all teachers and healers. The point is how far are we prepared to go along the path of remembering who we really are.

If you are still hearing the call of change, follow it, maybe on the way you will discover gifts and treasures that you couldn't even imagine were possible to even dream of.

Below you will find our next events.

Come and join our growing community, we'd love to have you here!

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