Emotional alchemy - 1 Class


Every Thursday, 20:00 - 21:30 EET

During these online gatherings we meet in order to be guided intuitively to work with the body, the mind, the heart and soul. Our purpose is to become aware and set ourselves free from emotions and belief systems that stand in the way of our awakening to the true self and power.

Until the end of 2022 we will focus more on Embodiment and on how to begin to call back in and learn to integrate parts of ourselves that were once lost in the timespace of past trauma, past lives etc.

The intention is for this work to bring further balance to the relationship with God/Goddess, the self and others. By processing information (emotional, mental, psychic etc) within and throughout the body and becoming aware of what is not serving us anymore, we open the space for further freedom, love, happiness and opening to new possibilities.

It is important to be present during these workshops on a weekly basis. Nonetheless by attending even one class is effective and powerful.

The tools we will use include yoga, meditation, conscious movement, breathwork, intention, active visualization, tantric exercises and of course there is always the inner guidance.

It is an honour to be your guide on this journey.

I am looking forward to cocreating with you!

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