Gina Toms

Gina is a certified Sex, Love, & Relationships Coach, with specializations in Conscious Dating and Female Sexuality. She is also a hatha yoga and meditation teacher and has qualifications in Psychology from the University of Sydney.

Gina’s journey began 6 years ago, when the end of a long term relationship revealed deep wounds that needed healing. She began a spiritual quest in search of greater self love. Gina spent years travelling in South and Central America where she went deep into the modalities of yoga, meditation, plant medicine, ecstatic dance, and tantra. Although all of these modalities were powerful in their own right, Gina noticed the biggest personal transformation when she began to liberate and awaken her sexuality through tantric practices.

Gina’s passion is helping women to connect to their inner Goddess. Through private 1-1 coaching and group sensuality lessons, Gina helps women to reconnect to their bodies and awaken their sensuality so that they can feel confident, magnetic, and empowered in life and in dating.

Instagram: @gina.heart
Facebook: Gina’s Happy Hearts


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