Hi, I am Kim, a musical channel of light and love. It is my mission to ‘ignite the light’. To guide people in deeper remembering of their true essence and from that co-create their life in joy and abundance. So they too can share their universal magic with the world and be a transformation leader of light and love and in doing so it is a contribution in the transformation to unity consciousness of the earth.

My whole life I felt a calling within myself. Just like everyone else there have been challenging moments in my life and each time I searched for the deeper meaning, looked at a way to heal and to grow my light and love. Those big challenges gave me a deep drive to go beyond, to not accept that reality, to find the true meaning of my calling within and that calling got louder and louder each moment until I understood what it wanted me to see.

Now I share my souls' gifts and talents to ignite the light in others. To share these high frequencies to connect others with their soul remembering, their (inner) wisdom and guide them to be in alignment with their calling. And in that, I support and guide people to overcome their deepest fears, illness, negative programs and (inner) judgments. Know that you always have a choice, everything is energy, and the change you want to see in your outer reality starts within you.

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