Nektaria Kapoula

Nektaria has started her teaching journey of ThaiMassage seven years ago, already teaching yoga for a decade and being in paidagogists studies & practice the last twenty years.

She feels an ongoing student for life, returning to her worldwide known teachers(Ajran Pichest & Ajran Sinchai certified trainer) every year in Thailand, deepening the knowledge and feeling of ThaiMedicine, including the ThaiMassage practice and nutritional and herbal medicine education.

Nektaria has over 2500hours of certified training her self and is entitled to teach internationally 630hours of
Therapeutic Thai Massage.

Her wish for the training is to create space into our hearts and hands, enhance students into feeling the body as a whole with the mind and soul and start deepening the connection between.

in the principles of

Metta Karuna Mudita Upeksha

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