Raise Your Vibration! 


Starseeds are not native to this world, meaning they have experienced lifetimes in other dimensions and with other star systems and star races. Signs of being a starseed include a deep sensitivity, a sense of not really belonging (starseeds belong to the club of not belonging) and a pull to spirituality and alternative ways of living on the planet.

Starseeds are here to wake up and become aligned with their true path of growth and service. Until this happens there will be an underlying sense of frustration and incompleteness.

Everything in this universe is energy in vibration. A thought, a feeling, a dream, a project, a building are all energy. The denser the energy the more solid the reality. A book vibrates at a different rate to a song! Anger vibrates differently to fear which in turn vibrates differently than love or joy. Learning about vibration is key to the awakening process as well as almost every other factor in a starseed's life. Typically, because of their sharpened sensitivity, living and/or working in a low vibe zone will feel very painful. Learning about energy and what factors raise core vibration is vital as well as knowning what factors deplete and lower their vibration. This talk/workshop will explore different techniques and approaches to raising your vibration including creative visualisation and meditation.

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