Authentic relationships - Building emotional and social intelligence for prosperous relationships

Relationships are a key way to support your well-being. They offer joy, beautiful emotions and unique moments. Belonging to a group or community is a great way to connect, create and express yourself with others. It is where the I merges into the We so as to experience unity. But there are often issues in relationships within a group, or internal conflicts with ourselves that are thrown onto the others.

The purpose of the seminar is to help you be your true self in all kinds of relationships and especially in a group or community. It is addressed to all those who feel that they want to learn and practice skills that will help them in their relationships with others and with themselves. We will practice these skills in a safe and enjoyable environment, which we will create together. We learn, we experiment, we interact, we "play", with our tools - the science of Positive Psychology and the art of Improvisation Theatre and free expression.

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