Tao & Tantra: Lovers’ Embrace

Are you interested in a deeper connection with your partner? Do you trust enough to open to that depth within yourself?

A hug is a hug is a hug…but for lovers to move more deeply into a physical embrace that is mutually nourishing it means adopting a state of awareness of self and other. It could mean moving through and beyond fear and vulnerability and moving toward mutual trust, openness and love. Of course, one embrace does not a relationship make, but if you’re paying attention you can find all the signs and signals you’re looking for in one instant!

In this event we will learn to find a deep state of centeredness inside our physical bodies and then practice how to move from that stillness toward the ‘other’ with undistracted presence. Make no mistake, this is an embodied practice event. This means that we will use movement, breathe, sound, inquiry, gestures, facial expressions and of course stillness… to discover that most authentic and complete embrace of self and other. The event is open to all regardless of whether you identify as single, coupled, gay, straight, bi, or just… curious! Sound exciting?!

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