Do you want to live life from a deeper connection with yourself? To follow your flow of essential energy, your heart’s desire. It is all a conscious choice to connect with your essence and from that live your life filled with joy, abundance and energy overflow. Do you feel the calling within yourself? To shift your reality? To live your joyful abundant life? It all starts with remembering your beautiful light within, to connect with your creation power, the fountain of unconditional love. Go with me on this sacred journey into deeper remembering and connecting with your essence. To connect again with your soul’s path and all the beauty life has to offer you. Are you choosing to be the conscious creator of your own reality?

During this sacred journey I will guide you through a channelled meditation in co creation with your higher self, where I will deepen the energies by the use of light language and light language music. By doing this in a group collective we amplify the energy field in which transformations happen more quickly. With the use of these sacred frequencies we go deeper into the layers within ourselves. Light language is the language of the soul, the cells, the essence, it passes by your mind and opens doors to deeper remembering within your being. Always from your free will and conscious choice and in co-creation with your higher self. Are you ready to be a conscious creator of your life?



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