To communicate and impart knowledge and tools that unlock human potential.


To organize events and festivals, that through workshops based on experience offer tools for change, self-management, self-knowledge, and growth to an ever-growing amount of people from all over the world.

Marianna Tsili

I always had a tendency to contain great contradictions. It was a pοwerful lesson that continues to reveal truths and causes change, or the need to adapt to reality or exceed limitations. "Inspirited" came to be out of a combination of enthusiasm and groundedness, the inner need to unite opposites, like the sky with the earth, and eventually to alchemically transmute them into a spark of creation.

A few words about me

I was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Athens, from where I could hear the sound of the sea. The wind supported me during adolescence where through the sport of windsurfing I found an incredible outlet for unprocessed emotion. At the University of Athens, I studied Communication and Media in an effort to use the skill of writing in work. Eventually, I ended up in the UK with an MA in Philosophy and Literature, where I stayed after moving to London to work in book publishing.

After two years on the job, I left the country in order to travel and I spent ten months between Morocco, India, and Spain. During this journey, I came across what was meant to change my life, the world of spirit. Up until then, for me, anything spiritual was more of a mental process, something I could have access to only through books and the theoretical mind (hence the philosophy studies and the book industry). But after learning how to meditate and practice yoga (together with the help of becoming vegetarian) I found out that the access to all that I need is to be found within me and it is in my own hands to make its discovery.

Two more years passed by, while in the meantime I returned to Greece, completely changed, enlightened, wearing a flashing halo, believing I could change the world. That was ten years ago. Of course, the universe had different plans. Within six months my father and brother passed away. The already gained experience from the spiritual path protected and aided me incredibly during the dark times that followed these harrowing events.

After many years of studying different spiritual disciplines and having transmuted large parts of the conditioned mind, I come here to share with you the diamonds that I collected from this long journey of inner healing. I do not come with solutions, but with suggestions of ways for new possibilitites, for new ways of seeing reality. During this short training of life I have tried many paths, I met teachers, healers, people with vision and ideas, I came across traditions and new age groups. Now, without having reached a final port, and while I continue on the inner journey, I bring with me all that I have learned and what I am still learning in order to share it with others. The age of Aquarius is upon us, and the path is now taken as a collective, we walk it together.

This is "inspirited". My purpose is for her to magnetize her growth through the change that takes place within her own members, to come to life and to live in her infinite quantum potential.
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