What would you do in order to create the reality you dream of?

Usually, it is everybody elses' fault; the system, politics, our family, the neighbour. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you found out that for everything that has ever happened in your life you were the creator of this reality? What would you do then to change the way in which you create, so that from negative you could switch to positive results?

Are you ready to take action so that you change the way in which you create reality?

Come and meet us at the first online two-day event of inspirited where we recommend techniques and give tools with which you can transform your reality.

From Joy to Abundance

8-9 ΜΑΙΟΥ 2021


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connect, envision, learn, express yourself
start creating the life you dream of
you will learn techniques of transforming reality
you will have fun and connect with people who, like yourself, wish to empower themselves
start using hidden potential, that will automatically improve every aspect of your reality
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inspirited May
Online & Video
8-9 May 2021
9:30 pm, online
10% of the profits will be given toEstia Agios Nikolaos, the only community for cohabitation of disabled and non-disabled people.

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With the ticket you will have access to the event's recordings for the next 6 months!

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