Freedom within, Love without

Free workshop with Marianna Chili at the full moon

18/03/2022, 20:00 - 21:30, Eastern European Time (EET), UTC +2
How enabling an inner state of freedom naturally opens space for love and bliss to slowly return to our lives. This is the natural state.
During the past two years, and especially after the escalation at the end of February, not to mention so many other stuff happening like price increases, job or income losses, illness, loss of loved ones and so on, our lives are in a constant flux of uncertainty and anxiety. This is not a natural state. It is an emergency situation that has become the norm. Due to this abnormal "normalization" of constant anxiety we are called to stop for a second and look, observe and understand what it is we are doing.

For the full moon of March 2022 we will gather online in order to remember together what it is to live in inner peace, something that happens naturally when we are in a state of sovereignty. We will invite this quality of experience into our field and see what comes up within each one of us and as a whole.

Let love be that outcome, let inner freedom from anguish nourish our hearts with the steady rhythm of the drum of the heart of our beloved Gaia. And then if it resonates we may share this gift with the world, with whoever needs this subtle soul food and is open to receiving it.

I will be honored to be your guide on this journey.

Marianna Chili
I have been mainly a student, an apprentice and an explorer/experimentor of consciousness or of the field of immanence. At the moment I guide groups in meditations, by using a variety of tools from different traditions, but I also organise events ( so that we connect, unite, learn, love and grow together.

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