Privacy Policy

1.1 During the seminar, it transmits to the organizer and the organizer obtains access and processes personal data of the participant, the details of which the participant discloses to the organizer for the needs of the Seminar ("Personal Data").
1.2. With this contract the Contracting Parties determine the conditions under which they transmit and process Personal Data for the conduct of the seminar.
1.3. For the purposes of the Appendix, the terms "Personal Data", "Processor", "Executor", "Processing", " registered person of personal data" and "Data Breach" have the meaning ascribed to them in Article 4 of the general regulation on the protection of personal data.

2.1. The Contracting Parties agree that regarding the processing of Personal Data during the seminar, the organizer is responsible for processing.
2.2 Each Contracting Party shall comply with its obligations under the general regulation on the protection of personal data and applicable law on the protection of personal data.
2.3 For the purposes of this agreement, participants will enter specific personal data, namely full name, email address, contact telephone number, payment details. When you log in to the platform, the organizer has the access and may collect information through Google Analytics or the platform hosting server about the pages that the participant has accessed or visited as well as information about the use of the platform, for example changes you have made to the information you have provided including the use of cookies.

3.1. The Organizer processes the Personal Data exclusively for the following purposes: (i) the general performance of the obligations and the exercise of its rights under the Contract, (ii) the communication with the participants, and (iii) the issuance of the legal tax documents, the submission of the declarations and certificates required by law to the competent authorities and its overall compliance with its obligations under tax law, including audits by the competent tax authorities.
3.2. The processing of Personal Data lasts throughout the Seminar and up to five (5) years after its completion. Exceptionally, the tax data of the participant are kept for a period of twenty (20) years from the year of issuance of the respective tax document for the needs of the audit by the competent tax authorities within the legal limitation period.
3.3. In processing the Personal Data, the organizer follows the following basic principles: (i) Submits the Personal Data in a fairly and lawful processing, carried out with full transparency in relation to the way in which it manages it. (ii) Process the Personal Data only for the specified, explicit and lawful purposes, provided for in this Article and does not subject it to further processing in a way incompatible with those purposes. (iii) Processes the Personal Data only to the extent that it is appropriate and relevant to the above purposes, while limiting the relevant processing to the measure necessary for that purpose. (iv) Maintains Personal Data in a form that allows the participant to be identified only for as long as is required for the described processing purposes. (v) Submit Personal Data in a way that guarantees their security using appropriate technical or organizational measures. (vi) Does not use Personal Data for automated decision making, including profiling. (vii) In general, complies fully with the applicable legislation and complies with all obligations arising from it, as legally responsible for the processing of Personal Data. It does not transmit or disclose personal data of participants to third parties other than itself, except in the following restricted cases: legislation as well as transmission or notification, required by law or court decision, and (iii) transmission, required for the collection of the organizer's claims in case of non-fulfillment by the participant of the obligations undertaken with that contract.
3.4. The organizer, in order to ensure the correct use and integrity of Personal Data as well as to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, deletion, alteration or other use thereof, implements appropriate internal policies, while receiving all appropriate organizational, technical, physical , electronic and procedural security measures, as well as technological standards, in accordance with current legislation. The processing of Personal Data by the Organizer is carried out in a way that ensures their confidentiality and physical and logical security, taking into account the latest technological developments, application costs and nature, scope, context and purposes of processing, as well as and the risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.
3.5. The organizer is obliged to maintain confidentiality and confidentiality regarding the Personal Data, which are included in it within the framework of the Seminar. The processing of Personal Data is carried out exclusively by the organizer, who is bound by strict obligations to maintain their confidentiality.

4.1. The Participant makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the Personal Data is accurate and, where necessary, updated, taking reasonable steps to delete or correct it in the event of inaccuracy.
4.2. The Participant has the obligation to assist the organizer, where necessary, in order to meet the rights of data subjects in accordance with applicable law.

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