Feeling Sound’s main focus is on the use of the voice as a therapeutic instrument and a source of self-discovery. By studying the art of sound and communication, how we use, choose and feel our sounds, thoughts and words, we create better relationships with ourselves and other beings.
For this particular online workshop, we are about to embark on a journey together of voices out of time and space… 
It begins like this: I trust myself, I breathe, I yawn, I relax, and without noticing, I’ve started singing! We use simple, natural ways of opening up and stepping into our courage.
We listen to our body while we tone, vibrate and sing. Listening becomes feeling, feeling becomes understanding ourselves and others. When someone sings or talks, we can hear the same feeling echoing inside us, like communicating vessels.
Our sound has a profound effect on our world, our words are only half of what we communicate. Emotions are the other half, readable in the way we say things, in the sound we transmit. We can clear our emotions without judgment, just a sound, a simple expression and letting it go. We learn to recognise, accept and release the sounds and feelings that are attached to what comes out of us. The courage to live these emotions becomes a way of being: Singing Freedom!
“Thank you for orchestrating the most incredible workshop I have ever attended. The amount of freedom, support, guidance, and presence you provided was like a thin chrysalis. Enclosing and catalysing a metamorphosis process that was raw, messy and ultimately life-changing.  It was the first time I felt safe and accepted in a circle while encouraged to be myself.” – Chloe, after a seminar in Athens


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