Introductory seminar for the course “Opening to Femininity”

Opening to femininity introductory webinar

On Sunday 26 February 2023 we met online on zoom for the introductory free webinar of the series of workshops “Opening to femininity”.

We explore ways in which we can open up to our creative potential by releasing and letting go of what no longer is necessary.

We do not learn in the current society how magnetic we are by the power of our feelings and the depth of our heart’s emotions.

When we do, and while we connect with our emotions and the inner potential that they hold, we naturally start attracting people and life circumstances that are more compatible with our life path. We cannot and do not have to control our lives.

This is more of a masculine-based reality. What we need is simply to be, and give space to our continuous becoming… In the work after the first half of the video we get a very grounding activation of our root chakra.

To all sisters out there ❤️

Much love, Marianna


Μαριάννα Τσίλη

It is almost 15 years ago since I embarked on the spiritual path through the Buddhist meditation of vipassana, which was the starting point of an adventurous journey that continues to change and grow stronger as time goes by. After this beginning, my path has been continuous and multifaceted. I learned yoga (ashtanga, hatha, kundalini, etc.), I practiced energy work, trained in theta healing, kundalini yoga, and finally in taoism and tantra. I have studied with many teachers and in different traditions but what I find to be of most importance is the gradual awakening of our inner knowledge and wisdom. This deeper knowledge of the Self, that is impossible to be taught by any teacher other than Spirit, is what I wish to share through workshops, events and sessions with people.

Finally, I would like to add that part of my path is writing, mainly poetry but also other genres, which is a source of inspiration for my connection with the sacredness of life, that I also wish to share with others through books, quotes or simply by being.




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