Venus Rose Full Moon Love Transmission 08/11/2022

Venus Rose Full Moon Love Transmission

Free Webinar with Kim van de Sande

08/11/2022, 20:30 – 21:30, Eastern European Time (EET), UTC +2

“A Full Moon can be a powerful moment of transformation when you allow yourself to discover the wisdom that is being presented to you through a triggered shadow part. To hold yourself with LOVE and allow all the parts of you to be seen and acknowledged so you can then elevate even more.

In this Full Moon transmission, you will be guided to connect with the powerful Love frequencies of the Venus Rose, here to support your ascension journey. During this meditation, you will be lovingly guided to go within deeper layers of your beingness to harmonize the slower vibrations that are ready to be released in this now moment. Co-creating with the high-frequency cosmic sound to create rapid ascension and healing within your body and consciousness so you can receive and embody even more highly evolved frequencies and as you raise your vibration magic starts to happen.

Your slowest vibrations determine the quickness of your transformation, so choose to discover the wisdom that is being presented to you during this Full Moon by diving deep within the depth of your beingness, to feel, see, sense, and awaken and reclaim even more of your magnificent radiance.

As you BEING you is your biggest contribution!”


Kim van de Sande

Kim a StarMother, Sacred Architect, Cosmic Channel and Author who helps people all across the globe to ascend and amplify their ability to fully embody their divine potential with the speed of light, leading to elevated income, connections, fulfillment, and abundance. When she is not teaching & co-creating with her clients, you can find her spending blissful and joyful moments with her family and friends, hiking, traveling to sacred places, and scribing her divine channeled books.



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