Atithi and Kalpita

Kalpita is a Sacred Sexuality and Tantra teacher, professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, healer and founder of Dancescape, a center focusing on movement, dance, body awareness, somatics, meditation and tantra awareness in Athens, Greece. Her longing for truth and authenticity lead her to India where she started her journey receiving Osho sannyas in 1993, her life changed forever. She trained in various healing techniques, meditation methods, participating in retreats, and meeting with inspired, enlightened masters has enriched her life. Practicing living in love, gratitude and awareness on a daily basis and sharing her truth in community is her passion. Currently, she teaches workshops, choreographs and continues her exploration into true, ecstatic human nature.

Atithi is a Sacred Taoist Sexuality teacher, Tantra teacher, Teacher of Mogadao Qigong and a Yoga instructor. He also practices Thai massage and has 5 years of training in east Asian medicine as an acupuncturist. After studying qigong and yoga for many years in the U.S he began a journey through Europe, Northern Africa, India, Nepal and Thailand to refine and integrate his knowledge and experience. During his journey two powerful experiences involving meditation and community took place which fundamentally shifted his perception and prompted him to refocus his life purpose. Go to Spirit Dome Qigong to learn more about him.

Atithi and Kalpita have been teaching, living and loving together for many years. In 2015 they created Tao and Tantra and since then have been teaching Sacred Sexuality in the U.S, U.K, Russia and throughout Europe, including Greece, where they make their home. Together, and separately, they guide couples’, men’s and women’s groups and private sessions. They believe that a safe and sacred environment is the basis for personal transformation and spiritual evolution. Kalpita and Atithi have studied with various teachers in the U.S, Thailand, India and Europe and have completed the 4-year ‘Soul Mate training’ for couples with Ma Ananda Sarita.

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