Workshops in English
Saturday 2 April
4-6 p.m. EET, Mohini Srishati
7-9 p.m. EET, Gina Toms

Workshops in Greek
Sunday 3 April
4-6 p.m. EET, Marianna Chili
7-9 p.m. EET, Vassiliki Tsantila

This weekend we invite you to deep dive into the importance and power of pleasure…

For a long time now in the collective we have lost touch with the body, the relationship with the self and the world. Sensuality was considered dirty by the church and the body inherently sinful. Inside of us are lurking beliefs from the recent and long past that do not let the flow of life run smoothly, by creating guilt and shame about how to or not to live our own lives.

What is pleasure and what does it mean to you? How can pleasure become free from guilt and why? What does a quantum key mean and how can it be used?

These and many more questions will be answered through experiential workshops from four women who will share with us the treasures of their unique experience, through another effort for collective empowerment, liberation, and the awakening of our potential.

Pleasure is not a goal in itself, but a way of life.


Saturday 2 April, 4-6 p.m. EET
Vigyan Bhairav Tantra – Awakening Pleasure through the Senses

Pleasure is our birthright. And our experience of pleasure can be enhanced through conscious awakening of senses.
In this session through a Sutra from Vigyan Bhairav tantra a 5000 year old Tantra scripture we ll go deeper into the conscious awakening of senses. Which in turns helps us to bring sensitivity and feeling to heart. When pleasure is connected with awareness it helps us to go deeper in intimacy with self and others.

Mohini Srishati
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Saturday 2 April, 7-9 p.m. EET
Orgasmic Manifestation

You, me, and every other person on this planet was created through the propulsive power of an orgasm.

Orgasmic energy is a largely unknown and under utilised source of power. In this workshop, you will discover the healing and nourishing power of pleasure, and will learn techniques from the Tantric and Taoist traditions that will help you to use your pleasure and Orgasmic energy for healing, personal empowerment, and manifesting your desires in the world.

Gina Toms
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Sunday 3 April, 4-6 p.m. EET
Creating New Flows
(In Greek)

Pleasure is a universal river that our Body uses to pass unhindered the expression of Being. However, inside the body we hide stones (energy and not), which block this flow, as a result of which we do not give ourselves the opportunity to experience the size and range of pleasure that is available and exists potentially.
In this two-hour seminar we will go through different practices (movement, dance, breathing, sound, ritual, active vision), which will help us identify and locate the “stones” that block the orgasmic flow of the universe from to manifest through our Body. Next, we will do an energy cleansing and in the vacuum that will be created we will invite back our lost pieces, which will create New Flows, which will penetrate us at all levels.

Marianna Chili
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Sunday 3 April, 7-9 p.m. EET
Empowering your Erotic Nature
(In Greek)

What do you want to have to do with your orgasm? How do you want to feel when you have sex?
In this two-hour workshop we will explore together what love liberation means to you, exploring two important archetypes that we have within us.
During our meeting you will experience an energy orgasm meditation, you will receive tools to strengthen your eroticism and you will taste an erotic dance experience, through the slow, conscious and free movement of the body.

Vasiliki Tsantila
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