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Webinar at the full moon

Agapi Apostolopoulou
We are living in a period of darkness and light at the same time. It all depends on what we will choose as individuals and what we will create as a mass.
Life is like a cinema, the projector is our conscious and subconscious part and the screen is our reality.
If each of us upgrades the vibration of his/her projector, this will automatically be reflected on the screen.
A full moon is always an amazing opportunity for such an upgrade, especially so close to the winter solstice!

This class will help us make the changes we need to upgrade ourselves to a better reality.

We will cut cords from the Matrix: Getting out of the Matrix means giving yourself the right to be the creator of your life!
In the Matrix, you are like a leaf, letting the wind take you wherever it wants
Out of the Matrix, you are both the leaf and the wind...

We will let the old die: A life without death is a stagnated life...! If you want to live fully, you need to incorporate death in your life and let go of whatever is not serving you anymore!

We will be reborn: We will embrace the new version of ourselves even though it might scare us the amount of power, love and beauty that we hide and yearn to be revealed!
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